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.. maybe its in the player already i walked to the end of the bed were the TV and DVD player sat on a chest of drawers. i opened the disc tray and fou...d the DVD it was a homemade disc with permanent marker on it saying favourite with a little heart next to it. I was intrigued so i played the dvd and jumped back into bed. I gasped out loud at what came on it started to play were kylie or her man had left it, it was a blonde lady in a public toilet sucking on a mans dick through a hole in the. Well, I said enough, have fun reading!Character Description:Main Character: Kimberly | 19 years old | last year of High School | 5'2" | straight | blonde, long, straight hair | Blue eyes |Other Character: Lisa | 18 years old | last year of High School | 5' | bisexual | brown, short, straight hair | green eyes|Start:its friday, 3 pm, School is over and Kimberly is on her way back home by bus. She's sitting in the back this time, because why not? Kimberly is single for quite some time now. Her. Both their tools were so big. I had to stretch my lips to get it all in my mouth and I couldn't even take their whole length in my mouth. Hell, I gagged just taking three fourths of it in.I alternated between the two black dicks. At certain points they would grab my head and force me to suck harder and deeper till I choked on their man meat while yelling stuff at me like "Take my meat you little bitch! Suck my dick you little white bitch!" I loved ever minute of it.Then my Master interrupted. .. Ohhh shit... I'm cumming!... Uhhh!... Uuhhh!!! Uhhh!!! Uuhhh!... Ohh fuck! Uhhh! Uhhhh!..." I began letting out the most cum I ever had before as spurt after spurt of my sperm started shooting out uncontrollably from the tiny slit at the tip of my hardened cock, first spilling onto my chest, then my stomach. Even more of my milky warm semen spilled from my own cock with each of Ryan's hard thrusts into me, as my anal muscles clamped down and released several times on his big hard cock. I.

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