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So new yr ke 4 din phyle call aya jo unka tha n hum sab cricket khel rhe the unhone kaha jab andhera ho jaye tab aajana. Unke husband ke bara me itna ...hi pata vo raath ko 9 ke baad hi aate the jo ki aunty ne bataya. Us din mere khushi ka thikana nhi raha. Mai unke ghar pocha vo normal dress me thi. Mene unhe bahut khus dekha me bhi khush ho gaya, humne baat chuli ki n mene himmat kar ke unke seduce krna suru kiya, achanak se unka ek boobs daba diya to vo mere taraf dekhti rhi. Fir vo uthi n. ) "Lets have a dance, let's party hardy, it's too damn hot and we don't have a pool, the AC is shot and I'm going to miss you - sooo muuchh, Babe! I mean Trent, I know you hate that nickname." It's all right mom, tonight you can call me Babe, or Honey, or any of those silly names that you use. Its our last night for a while and I know you love me. There's no one to hear you mush, so I won't get embarrassed. I'd love to dance with you. What shall I put on the stereo? Something to rock to,. His pants were too tight, then his belt was undone, then the button to his jeans, then the soft, gentle hand stroked him through his jockeys. Art had never felt so nervous, but the alcohol allowed his pants and jockeys to be taken off, then the guy slid off the couch to his knees and Art gasped. He spread his knees wider as his balls were bathed in warmth and pleasure. Nothing had ever felt so good to him as his fat wife had never sucked his balls before and this guy had both in his mouth. Ann had enjoyed watching me with men in the past, I could tell from her dirty grin and the wicked glint in her eye what was coming. “Why don’t you give it to him Doug!” she told me. “I know he wants it! He loves hearing me talk about your big cock! I’ve told him he’s a closet gay: he loves me shoving a dildo up his bum when he fucks me!” I knew that she was baiting David, and enjoying doing so, but he ignored her teasing. Releasing my cock he rolled over onto his knees, turning to present his.

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