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I asked where was the boy wonder was and she answered he had passed out from the alcohol and a big hit of some wacky weed he had taken, he had been f...eling her up most of the night and the alcohol had made her more horny than usual but neither of them had planned on him passing out and she was desperate for relief in her semi drunken state thought I could help.I told her off saying that she could only talk to me if she was drunk.. well that was'nt good enough I said go to bed and sleep it off,. ." she hesitated. "I want it inside me." "Then stand up and bend over," I suggested. "I want to watch him fuck you." Lexi turned to her new friend and whispered something that I couldn't hear because the movie soundtrack was too loud, although I was only paying attention to the action right beside me. She stood up, then turned and put one foot on her seat, standing with the other while facing me. I had my cock out and was lightly stroking it, watching her bend over, and him line up behind her.. "Do you want to go back with them?" Yes, if its OK with you" she replied and I nodded agreement to her then nodded to Per.He had been speaking to the others while I was talking to Sue so they knew what was now happening and they all cheered her and led us out of the bar as a group as if they were worried she might change her mind.I walked beside her, our arms around each other, as we went to their tent which was away from the English "sector" and at the edge of the woods which fortunately was. So now I was collared, on my hands and knees with my Mistress riding on my back naked in the dead on night. With a quick kick to my belly, unlike you would a horse, I began moving forward and turned towards the water where I crawled until I couldn’t crawl anymore and began swimming. Thankfully Mistress Maddi isn’t heavy at all, but it is hard to swim with someone on your back so she sprang off of me and dived under the water where I couldn’t see her.As I learned the other day with our bath.

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