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He smiled, fixed us both a drink and we toasted our new friendship.I finished my drink rather quickly, and he made me another one. As I began sipping ...t, he put a hand on my shoulder and looked deeply into my eyes."You were getting hard out there, Billy," he said. "Was I making you hard?"I blushed and looked away."Look at me young man," he said, his voice now a little menacing.I didn't like where all this was going, but I also didn't want it to stop."You have the kind of body that would make. When I noticed the occasional bulge in his pants I knew it was working. I wasn't sure when he was going to make his move, but I hoped it would be soon. One night when he came home late I could tell he had been out drinking with some of his buddies. I am sure they had been discussing sex from the look in his eye. I was wearing a cut off t-shirt with no bra and a pair of thin tight cotton shorts with no panties on. I was in the kitchen putting some things away and Bill went to the fridge to get. I had a fair idea what she meant. “I will do anything Christine” I said, knowing what that meant. “Yes I think you will honey” she replied “let me see what got my pig of a husband so randy. Get undressed”. As I thought, she wanted me naked. I stood up and stripped off. “Yes, you are beautiful” she said, smiling “now both of you, come with me” and we headed back to the bedroom. She laid on the bed I didn’t need to be a genius to know what she wanted. I climbed onto the bed and between her widely. ‘I thought you might be hungry.’ In that moment, something slid into place in her heart. This was the Danny she loved, the one who anticipated her needs and unselfishly tried to fill them. The one whose thoughts were so much like hers, little needed to be said. The boy who had been trying to seduce her for the past four months was a stranger who was just enough like him that she fell for it anyway. ‘Come in,’ shesaid. She walked over to her vanity table and shoved aside perfume bottles and.

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