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“What’s that all about” he said as we entered our room. “I guess she’s a slut” I said smiling at him.”slut, il show you slut” he said ...s he grabbed me pushing me over the bed, taking my bottoms off with my knickers almost tearing them. “I’m gonna fuck you like a whore” he said, pushing roughly into me. He really did mean it as well because he fucked me like he was banging in a nail with the dick. It actually hurt a bit and I looked back to let him know but he just kept on till I begged him to. Papers. A vendingmachine. Inside an apartment? An old-fashioned pin-ball machine, a lotof people wouldn't recognize one, but I'm 20C, remember. And I glanceback at him, and he's looking straight at me, waiting for me.'I need to ask you a few questions.'I okay this, but tell him I might not answer some of them.'It's a physical change, right?'I nod.'And you said it was a change in you. Not in anyone else?'Another nod.'Has anything else that you've noticed changed?'This demands a longer. Everything he does is like someone who has all the time in the world. Like someone who exist solely to give her sexual pleasure. And this is what she adores, what makes her vagina gush with pre-sexual juices. He pulls her young body even closer to him and then she feels his hand moving in under the hem of her uniform. ‘Mr Denton, no…now we are really going to far…we must stop now…’ she says as she tries to stop him. She can feel how the lusty old man doesn’t even take note of her protestations.. I liked it and began to stroke her hard. She began to grunt with every stroke and then scream with every stroke. Soon it was a continuous scream and she passed out.I had not finished, so I rolled her on top of me and waited for her to wake up. She was having spasms during her unconscious time.She awoke and then a spasm hit her. "Oh, Bill, I am still coming. I love you so much."We rested until she noticed that I was still hard in her. She wiggled her ass around a bit and went to sleep. I didn't.

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