Destiny Deville - Barefoot Confidential 36

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I couldn't help it. It felt really good though I have to admit. He was so damn hard. His cock didn't give at all, I came on his super hard cock, his h...rd cock that was so hard because of ME. My muscles tightening over and over around his brick. I must have come for over 2 minutes straight while he continued to make my body fuck his cock." He ordered me onto my knees, so I got off the desk and did as told. He loosened his tie off my eyes, and I decided to open them to remind myself the situation. I'll go back to my college life, that's where I became promiscuous. I started doing the party scene. I had brains so I didn't need to study a lot. My grades were always good so I'd had no problem academically. I started to party heavily in my sophomore year. I didn't drink a lot and didn't need to. I decided to hell with my moral side, I was going to party. I lost my virginity at the first party I went to. I was told it would hurt like hell but it didn't. Maybe because I wanted it to happen so. She didn't stop me and I pulled her gently. She moved her hips up against mine pushing my cock flat against her pussy. I didn't feel any hair. I kissed her again and she finally returned the kiss. Her mouth opened a little. I didn't know why and I opened mine too. Her tongue darted into my mouth and played with my tongue for a second. I liked it and stuck mine into her mouth and we did that for a minute, all the while my hand was caressing her bare bottom. Finally she said, "Do you really think. Casey laid next to him, took his cock in her mouth and sucked him back to an erection. After a short while, as he started to moan with pleasure, she stopped and said "If you do this Mr Smith and you please Katie, I will reward you like you wouldn't believe, if you let me down, or ever try to tell Katie you've been tricked into this, I will tell everyone you forced me to suck your cock on the landing" and she showed him the photo she took earlier.Casey got up, wiped her mouth and told him to.

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