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My hand traced his torso, rubbing his smooth Latex clothing and touching his glabrous prick. It swelled in my hands as our tongues massaged and explor...d. He breathed heavily as my fingers tapped his engorged dick, slimy from the pre-cum oozing from his teased body. I gripped the base of his cock and milked him of the transparent liquid.He grunted as I walked around him, not breaking my touch from his skin. I could hear the unmistakable noises of a young man pile-driving his meat into another. Her expression changed from shock to anger…and then softened to the somewhat dazed anxiety she had displayed in the store. She eased back into her seat, and Bird thought, with more than a little relief, that she was just going to start her car and drive away. Instead, to his astonishment, she leaned over, unlatched the door on Bird’s side and gave it a little push so that it opened slightly. Then she returned to her original position.She wanted him to get in? Bird was stupefied. Why would. I started to laugh as it was comical and sort of cute watching him trying to hide his private parts from her and that looked on his face was priceless. That little boy look who just got caught with his hand in the cookie jar look.I walked over to Michelle and turned her around as I said, “Nothing to see here young lady,” as I closed the door behind us leaving John in the bathroom.“Who is that man?” “What happened to your eye?” “Were you having sex in the bathroom?” Michelle asked me as I led. "I located the key in question and she quickly squatted down on the bed with the box between her knees giving me a perfect view of her pretty pink slit just waiting for another excursion up her narrow little channel. She slowly raised the lid and I peeked inside to see little plastic baggies filled with looked like dozens and perhaps as many as one hundred latex condoms tied off with their contents of creamy spunk inside. It was so amusing that I had to laugh at her strange fetish for a hobby.

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