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Two black guys were biking just behind me for half an hour, certainly staring at my butt when I decided to take a break. They stopped next to me and a...ked me if everything was ok. I smiled at them invitingly, pushing my bike on the side and disappearing in the bushes. They followed me; I found quickly a quiet place, turned towards them, kneeled down and caressed their bulges. They laughed at me, not believing the kind of slut they had just found:-You love big black cocks honey, don't you? You. Abdul understood what i meant & told the kaamwali.she asked him to come in & sit.meanwhile i went to the bathroom.shortly the kaamwali came to the bathroom door & said “memsaab abdul doodh ke paise lane ko aaya hai.” i said i was taking a bath (which i was really doing) & told her to tell abdul to wait till i finish my bath.i didnot come out for long giving the kaamwali time to complete her job.after 10 minutes the kaamwali came & told me that she has finished & is going. When i was sure that. "Let's head down to the Long Branch, Bob and get a couple of shots under our belt. Things always look a little bit brighter with some of that rotgut settling down inside. You interested in being a deputy? It is pretty good money for as long as this thing lasts and you can leave whenever you like. You can have the spare bunk at the jail and I will be sure to have Rachel over at the Reverend's bed and board to bring you a hot breakfast each morning."Squawman Bob was noncommittal but Brett could. "Hmmm, sounds fine with me... but does that mean I'll have to oil you two down when you need it?" She asked.I thought for a sec. "Yep!" I said. "Whether we need it or not." Hmmm. OK." She said nonchalantly laying her head down as though she was going to take nap.With that, Hunter was out of his chair and on his way over.I oiled her back down and handed him the bottle. He oiled her calves and we began to rub her good, messaging as we went. I worked my way up her the small of her back, as he.

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