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She laughed, “We met yesterday in Mr. Wells’s class. I walked you to your next class. Still not recognizing me? Okay, picture me like this but wit... darker hair and with glasses and a slightly bigger nose.” She held her hair in ponytails.“That was you? Why do you look so different?” I asked, still slightly doubtful.She flashed a cute smile, “That was part of my Drama Production course. I borrowed a few items from the supply closet. I like trying on disguises.”That did sound fun and I was. Driving home, Ash sat close to me, gently stroking my thigh and shoulder. “Let’s go to your place for dessert” she said with a sly grin. “I’m hungry”We got to my place and only made it into the lounge room.“God I need to see and feel your cock again Uncle Will” she moaned, grabbing my shirt and helping me out of it. We lay back on the couch together and we leaned in and kissed gently at first but then with passion. “I wanted to stay with you the whole time at the restaurant, as you make me. As the conversation continued, I pushed her with my right hand, which was below her. Now her left boob was totally crushed on my chest, she was immersed in talking so she didn't show any reaction. Our discussion was very simple like studies friends her scores in previous exams etc. After some time she asked me to light one more. I accepted and lit another. We were sitting now, and my right hand was rested on her shoulder. As and when I made rings she used to make noise like small kids after. ”My heart skipped a beat. I knew this moment was coming, but I had been so caught up in the moment that I had forgotten the true nature of this encounter. People were expecting sex, and you could only keep them waiting so long before they got bored and stopped watching.“Please remove your clothes,” instructed Candy.I could have simply torn off my clothes and gotten right down to business, but I remembered what my girlfriend had told me. I took things slow. I sensually stripped, performing for.

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