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I was surprised and in panic aborted the call immediately. I think it didn't even connect yet. I looked at my phone and wondered what had happened. I ...hecked the phone number the couple had sent me, then I checked my phone contacts. The phone number matched with "Susan" in my phones contacts.Susan had been my girlfriend for 5 years when we were young and horny university students, but we had separated 15 years ago. A few years after that she got married to a guy called Oliver and as far as I. Tonight it was going to be me. I spent the earlier part of the day racing around doing the normal household chores, washing and cleaning, going grocery shopping and getting the play areas ready for the night’s event. It was early after lunch when I was about to start on the play areas, hubby ordered me to undress, put on my leather wrist and ankle cuffs as well as my leather collar. The feeling of my nakedness and wearing the cuffs always turns me on, the thought of the event ahead with the. My palm had then reached deeper than the pen cap. She was resting her naked ass on my palm. I pressed my middle finger which was lined up parallel to the girl’s ass crack. If I had pushed my palm a little further, I would have fingered her tight asshole.I was enjoying the moment and was thinking to make some naughty move when the lecture was over. There was a break, both in the class and in my unexpected erotic moment. I had to quickly remove my hand which was underneath the girl’s naked. Obviously talented in this area, she uses several tight fisted strokes, deliciously pulling Steve’s foreskin across the hard swollen tissue of his cock; before lightly pulling a few fast strokes, especially teasing the head. Stroking up and down, she pulls herself up to her knees to give her a better angle at his huge cock. Then, adding her other hand, she begins jerking him off in earnest. The muscles in her arms and shoulders, clearly visible in her tank top, moving sexily under her tanned.

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