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I lower my eyes and hold completely still as I know you will take me ever so slowly and completely, causing me to literally scream and tearfully cry w...en you allow me to cum. We lay together catching our breath holding each other tightly still sensually touching and kissing. I get us each a long tee shirt and I lead you to the table where I have lighted the candles and placed warm plates of shrimp, lobster tail and pasta. I have the wine bottle and opener ready for you to remove the cork and. She continued to look into my eyes and made a big gulp! Glup. I could hear the sound of her gulp as my cum went down her throat! She then made another gulp to push the remaining cum down her throat. There was still some cum left on her red lips and some strings of cum on her eyes and nose. One string of cum was hanging from her nose on to the lips and with her heavy breathes it was dancing! She then opened her mouth and pushed her tongue outwards all round her lips and grabbed all the cum from. He says he's gonna go balls deep on the first thrust. I freaked again. He put the ear bud back in and got up. I didn't know how big his cock is I hoped it was small but somehow I didn't think so. When I felt it pushed into my back it seemed big. Im waiting, and I'm freaking out. Hes gonna stick his dick in my ass. I'm know it's gonna hurt. I wonder if he's gonna kill me. I don't know what he looks like so he's safe from that. I'll always know his voice though and his smell. My brain is going. Χτύπησα την πόρτα και βγήκε ο γαμιάς μου έξω και μου έδωσε μια μάσκα να καλύψω τα μάτια μου.«Βάλε την μάσκα και μπες μέσα».Αμέσως υπάκουσα. Μπαίνω στο σκάφος, αμέσως μου βγάλανε το φορεματάκι ,ένιωθα τα βλέμματα πάνω μου, στο εκτεθειμένο σώμα μου. Με ξάπλωσαν πάνω στο τραπεζάκι του σαλονιού με τα πόδια ανοιχτά.Μου σήκωσαν τα πόδια και ένιωσα κάτι υγρό να τρέχει στο μουνί μου και αμέσως ένα δυνατό κάψιμο. Κάποιος μου έχυσε ποτό - ουίσκι - τρελάθηκα. Δεν πρόλαβα να φωνάξω και ένας πούτσος μπήκε.

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