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I saw Beth.She was standing in front of the bed. Her hands were ather blouse, undoing the buttons. My eyes focusedinstantly as her blouse began to ope..., and a full curveof her breast was becoming visible. She was standingwith her weight shifted to her right leg. The pose wasinnocently sexy. I watched Beth finish the unbuttoning,and slide the blouse from her shoulders. Beth’s breastbobbed inside her bra as she tossed the blouse onto thebed. My jaws opened with heavy breath and my. “I need you to infiltrate Stark Industries.”“Sir?” she asked curtly.“Stark is ill,” Fury explained. “We need to find out what his condition is.”She didn’t bother asking Fury how he knew this, Fury was the Spy, a shade of grey that wasn’t even in the spectrum.“Do you need me to hack his system?”“No, but find out everything you can about the Stark, his condition and anything relating to it, be discreet, subtle even.”She inclined her head.“What are my mission parameters?” Natasha asked. She was a 32-year-old widowed woman with a child. Her husband died in a gun attack two years back. Sara brought Namono to my apartment. Without her saying anything, I understood why she had brought her to me. I closely looked at Namono. She was tall, black, and slim. She had braided hair. Her boobs were large for a slim body. Namono came closer to me and started kissing me. I was shocked at her sudden kissing.But Sara looked at me and said, “Go, take her to your room. She is sex-starved for two. His fingers tracing my butthole feel so fucking good. I don't want him to stop rubbing my hole. Grabbing my legs, he pushes them up against his shoulders. He leans forward and we're facing each other. He's staring at me intensely the whole time telling me “Don't be scared, its okay." He begins to press his cock against my hole. I feel the pressure, but I'm not sure he's going to succeed in penetrating. I'm clenching hard. "Fuck, you're tight." He positioned his cock and then without warning he.

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