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She was average height, standing only a few inches shorter than myself. She made her way into the room, with a warm smile, to stand next to the table ...n the far side. Her hair was dirty blond, wavy, and hung down past her shoulders. She was using two pins shaped like Tyr’s symbol to pin her hair up and help it to frame her face. She looked to be around my age, as there was less baby fat on her face than the Oracle I met before. Her eyes were a bright cerulean blue, and they were framed by full. She slid her thumbs into the waist band and pulled her panties down her legs. She then slid the strap of her dress off her shoulder, then the other strap revealing a matching white bra, she unhooked her bra and allowed her breasts their freedom, her nipples were rock hard as she took one between two fingers. Her other hand was sliding up and down along her labia, with her finger darting in and out of her pussy. She had no cares about where she was or who was watching, she just wanted to cum.. She was less than a year older than Caroline and they instantly bonded. I heard Jennifer asking Caroline about what we were going to do with each of the rooms. Caroline told her some of our plans. As they walked into the room I was in, Jennifer asked, “Does your hubby have a brother? He’s kind of cute.”“Actually, he told me he has a sister and brother off in graduate school across the country somewhere.”“Oh, darn ... well, my Dad told me what you two said about me, thanks a lot. He’s been. She was hanging out with a bunch of prima donna bullshit artists from downtown that thought their poop didn’t stink like the rest of us. One minute she was our Queen in residence and the next she was off with the upper class and wanted nothing to do with us commoners. I really wanted to lock her bedroom door and give her a good spanking before I taught her a memorable lesson with no lube straight up the rear door. That didn’t happen and it was probably for the better because she lost interest.

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