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“Come up, Slut,” the call came from above and I walked up, following the droplets of water on hard floor until I arrived at another door. 'Fuck or...flight,' repeated a voice in my head, over and over again. The door suddenly opened and he grabbed my wrist, pulling me to him, his hands moulding me against him as the buttons of my blouse were ripped apart. I took my first look at his room, so unlike the rest of the house.In his play room, sex toys covered the bed, glass butt plugs lay on the blue. Then I realized that my orgasms were the best while thinking about you and your dick. Almost every time I fuck myself I think of you. Now it was me getting red and to my surprise the feeling in my pussy even rose. Out of the corners of my eyes I could see that his bulge grew more and more. Steph, you know… If you are not comfortable with it its OK just tell me but I would love to see… When I realized what Chris wanted to say the heat in my pussy exploded. My cunt arched and all I could think. She took the towel from me and dried me as well, both hands coated with the soft damp terry cloth surrounding my depleted dick as she dried in with a sigh. I pulled her to me and we embraced, our lips meeting with the bliss of contentment that only truly sated pleasures can bring. I led her to the bed that we had not yet truly fucked in and we laid together staring at the ceiling. She sighed and turned her face to mine and whispered, “Grandpa, you are the one who is amazing,” and giggled softly. He hadn’t quite gotten to the point where he was ready to hang a ‘slaves for sale’ sign out yet but, he was getting a reputation for some very interesting erotic ideas among the local, kinky, in-crowd. The ‘slave quarters’ which the Bowman’s called the ?SQ,’ was the primary place where the slave girls were made ready for service. It was also the place where guest slaves and the special slaves of the Bowman family were lodged. With the exception of the sound proofed dungeon-like ‘training’.

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