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All of our regulars came back to eat supper with us and our happy evening became as happy as before. I didn't let my guard down and I know Mom didn't ...ither. Sis strangely was at our house more often than normal, using the excuse that she needed to help get supper ready if the families were going to eat together.The next two new model houses were completed and were even landscaped with winter grass that was brown now. Bernie had his video crews come down to go through the homes and. And then we went in.The front room is more a dance club, with poles, a dance floor, and tables. We ordered drinks and sat down. "Hey Y'all!!!" The dancer that had recommended the place came bouncing over, excited to see my wife. "Oh my God you like black guys too?" My wife blushed, laughing said she'd never been with a black man in her life. "I'll introduce you, c'mon!" And then I was alone, nervously sipping my tequila, watching my wife and this young lady mingle and dance. Wondering what the. He was probably in his late 50's and from some middle eastern country, but it didn't keep his dick from getting as hard as an iron bar. My skirt was still hiked up around my waist as I squatted in front of him, hidden by the door, as he leaned against it. I began fingering my own twat as I stroked him in my mouth and licked his balls whenever I heard him moan. My pussy couldn't take it any longer and I was soon, leading him by his hand, to the back of the taxi, where I bent over and pulled him. It wasn’t ‘fit woman’s work’. But, from haunting the local saddlery, I knew a saddlemaker had to know about all kinds of leather gear, not just saddles, and sometimes he – she – had to make it pretty. ‘I sure admire that beaded scabbard. Never saw anything like that before.’ ‘It’s Kiowa made.’ I didn’t know anybody who was an Indian, let alone Kiowa. ‘Is Geronimo a Kiowa? I heard somethin’ about him in school. Do you know Geronimo?’ ‘Geronimo is Cherrycow Apache. No, girl, I don’t know him.’ He.

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