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She was moaning more and was breathing more heavily due to that she moved her hands up and down more harder and faster. My mind was getting out of con...rol which lead me to the new horizons me pleasure. After continuing for 15 minutes i closed my eyes as i was nearing mine and i climaxed . I cummed on her hands and it stuck to the shawl few drops on my jeans. She wiped out every drop and put it in her mouth.As i caught my normal breath back. I moved my hand to her pyjama and loosened her nada to. Once we finished loading, I told her she could get back in the truck if she wanted, all I had left to do was put away my equipment and the hose then we could go. She said she was feeling hot and agreed to get back into the air conditioning of the truck. I watched her walk away, admiring her ass and those jeans she was wearing! I watched her climb into the cab and shut the door.Once I made sure everything was put away and secure, I headed to the truck so we could head out. I opened the. Right then I didn’t want anyone from the football team or my guy Adam, I just wanted to grab Clark’s big cock and stroke it looking at his face. I walked around the cabin and pushed the door giving a surprise to Clark. “Hi! Clark,” I said with a grin. Clark was totally shocked and couldn’t find any words to say to me. He was just sitting there, hiding his big cock and leaving his cell phone in his lap. I walked in. The cabin was in a good condition with some tools in a corner, a box of first. I tried everything to get him interested. Why do you think I wore skirts to class? I'd swing a leg out when getting out of my chair so he'd see my panties. Or sometimes I'd just sit there with my knees apart. I caught him looking several times, but he never made a pass. And then one time ... oh no, I can't tell you this. It's so embarrassing." Don't hold back now. Tell me! Tell me!"Maggie's face scrunched up and her lips pressed tightly together, straining to stay closed, but then she said,.

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