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But in general I was happy and felt I am on my way to reaching my dreams. The weekend came, I took a shower before going up to him. When it was time I...took my play bag as usual as if I am going to the club and left my home and went up to him, he was waiting for me in that wooden room naked. I took my cloth off till I was totally naked, then he told me to come into the bedroom. It was a small room attached to the side of the wooden room, had only an old copper bed with an old mattress and a. As Vincenzo bends down to tape her ankles together, the young virgin wriggles her legs towards him in futile attempts to evade his hands as he tries to tape her up. Mikhail liked the fact that there was fight in her. It would be like breaking a wild horse, applying harsh and somewhat physical torture to make her more accepting of her new life.As he finishes taping up the prize with duct tape to her wrists, hands, ankles, and mouth, Vincenzo turns to his best customers, smiling ear to ear. I knew what could happen to him if I didn't and secretly hoped he was right, so reluctantly I agreed and got into the waiting car.When I arrived a was shown into the house and I was met by him he was I guess in his 50s. he was a huge man well over 6ft heavy built and had a very dark skin. He was well spoken and invited me to sit down and offered me a drink. Straight away I asked him well blurted out why wasn't my husband to be with me, he dismissed my question and proceeded to chat about. .,” Stacey went on slowly, “although counselling is perhaps a little too protracted for what I was thinking of. You know, back before I met you both, I was in a certain situation that I needed help in, and someone put me in touch with a group that helped resolve that.” Stacey managed to suppress the shudder as the thoughts of exactly how that had been resolved flooded back to the forefront of her mind. It had been eight months now though, and Stacey was a new person - so to speak. Time to move.

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