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We lay there like that til morning, when she got up to get ready to go to gymnastics practice. We hardly looked at each other that day, but that...night, we did it again. It was always petting, and me going down on her, until a couple of years later, when, at a family wedding, we snuck off to her room during the reception, and had adult sex, for the very first time. When we got to her room, she leaped into my arms and kissed me like we were long lost lovers, which we were. Her lips. Dad drove Andy, Ed, Jeremy and me to scouts after dinner. Ed and I worked with our patrols on menu planning and how to make shopping lists. Our patrols were going to plan the menus and buy the food for the troop on the next campout in a few weeks.--oooOooo--At practice on Tuesday I finally got a chance to try my skills on the field. The coaches had Drew fill Christian's role on the scout team that we practiced against. He was the best challenge for me while I got used to covering a fast. 30 pm her huge ass and boobs was driving me crazy she saw me and smiled I slowly went from behind her and grabbed her ass suddenly she get shocked and dropped the vessel she turned towards me and started resisting.Suddenly kept my hand on her pussy over her sari and was rubbing her pussy over her clothes she suddenly shut her mouth and was turning on I continued rubbing and I kissed her mouth she begin to respond back I was simultaneously kissing and rubbing her pussy suddenly I broke the kiss. God, I felt like retching at the complete lack of regard she obviously had for me or our marriage.When I finally got home well over half an hour later she was at the door waiting on me. A look of great concern on her face as I falsely limped into the house.I sat with a heavy thud in my favorite chair. She ran to get the rub then returned to start stripping me out of my clothes.As I expected my cock rose to the occasion, the bastard, traitor. Her breathing heavy, she tried to put the rub on the.

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