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There aren't words enough to say how much I love him, and there's no wayfor him to hide his feelings for me. I'm truly blessed to have this man inmy l...fe, as Mark and now as Amanda. I'm grateful everyday I spend with myfather and the special relationship we have as father and daughter. I onlyhope it won't be destroyed if he ever does remember his son."I can't say it was a nice time, dear, it was more like work. It was funwhen it started, but I'm getting tired of all the travel." And did my girl. My penis collided with mom’s ass I couldn’t move to other side in fear of the man so I was stuck here As the bus moved on my john slowly moved on her ass since her sari was all up and panties half down her raw skin was on me the more I resisted the more hot I began to grow As my john grew I heard murmur from behind and I knew what they were thinking that I grew hot on my mothers ass They had tricked me and I fell for it now they were not the danger I was The man sitting continued to pull moms. I would wait for a few more minutes, then I would follow.I stood at the glass doorway from the dinette area and waited for my cue for the ceremony to begin. The guests were seated in the exact number of chairs needed. There was no question of who would be showing up. Only those Jake trusted for such an event were even considered. I surveyed the guest and smiled at what the impact of my entrance was likely to have, even on Jake. We had kept some of the arrangements personal, like what we would. Was a bit worried about clothes laid out for me to say the least, Highest of high heels,black seam stockings,suspenders,mini skirt,black leather underwire corset top I've got small tits that fill out the cups nicely,topped off with a black wig & my silver head band & clutch bag,I still to this day need help with my makeup but I'm getting better & I have to say I was amazed at my self when I looked in mirror ,my wife had always called me Lucy & she commented I looked juicy & I guess it's stuck ,.

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