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"Well I shouldn't really," I said laying it on a bit."Please, I'll be ever so grateful," she said her eyes lowered seductively."Well," I said moving a...ound my desk to stand in front of her, her head dropped as she looked at the floor.My arm went around her waist and I pulled her closer; my free hand cupped one of her very nice tits."I think something can be arranged," I said, squeezing her tit lightly.She just stood there, her head still bowed, letting me touch her; I smiled. I pulled her even. We laughed our asses off. Charlotte told him that his shot up her rectum hurt almost that bad. I told him that those shots up my pussy hurt almost that bad too.We helped him up to his feet and then together we helped him back to the house. He called our friends and told them to come over and initiate our new “Nude Paintball Target.”Charlotte was a good sport. She even let us girls shoot at her too. Round one was everyone shooting at her nipples. My husband got her other nipple, the men hit her. “Show them to me,” I indifferently command. “What?” Her expression is one of shock. “Show me your fucking panties,” again my volume threatens the lines of safety. She reaches in her purse and retrieves the soppy ball. Keeping her hand below the table, she extends the wadded undies toward me and holds them in her flattened palm, still beneath table level. “Looks like a fucking dishrag. Spread them out and hold them up for me.” With an excited, exasperated, exhilarated, frustrated, confused. I parked on the street so as not to draw too much attention, lit acigarette and waited for what seemed to be forever. In this case foreverturned out to be 30 minutes.My prayers were answered when he drove in and parked, and got out of hiscar alone.Well it was now or never, I pulled into the parking spot next to his,walked up to his door and knocked on it.He pulled the door open and just stared, wide eyedI smiled and said"Hi Allen, remember me, it's Sheila!"He just stared and said nothingI.

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