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She went into hyper drive and was madly throbbing here and there. she also started gasping.I increased my sucking even more. Her hands were at my head... guiding me and pushing me deeper into her pussy.she was moments away from her first orgasm and I could feel the hotness and smell the sweet pussy.She then tipped over for the orgasm. Like a good obedient boy, I drank it all. once she calmed down, she looked at me with eyes full of lust and then she said, now my turn.She made me sit and kneeled. Wewill decide what to do with you in the morning."Well I slept somewhat and in the morning my captors came to me.Anne said,, "We decided to let you go. After all it was a prank.You get to keep your trophy. The bra and panties will stay here.Do you agree?"I said,, "Yes I do and thank you all."Maggie said,, "Anne has let you off light. I am this sorority'spresident. We will not press charges if you do one thing."I asked,, "What is that?"Maggie said,, "You pledge this sorority."I said,, "I thought. Suddenly, about 3 days later she calls to remind me of our appointment on Friday. Her voice on the phone was so sweet and pixie like, almost like an 18 year old but she was clearly late 20s from her appearance.It literally sent chills up my spine and i could not wait to see her in person again! At first we met at the center, but all i could think about was that beautiful voice, when she was talking i had a tendency to drift away and stare into those gorgeous eyes and forget what were talking. She looked at me with her head slightly tilted to one side as if curious to see what I was thinking. I met eyes with her and lost myself in the dark brown hypnotic pools of lust that seemed to radiate from her. It was as if I could feel her thinking all sorts of nastiness…thoughts that were even now going through my own mind. We stared at each other, our minds and thoughts seeming to meld together. "My God," was all I could say. "Do you like them?" she asked seductively. Her full crimson lips.

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Nice fucking

Nice fucking

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