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After deciding I pick put my bra based upon thecolor of my blouse, just one of those things we know to do, but guyshave no idea.I jump into the shower...and let the warm water run over me. As Ishower I once again start to become nervous about Monday. Rather thanlet my mind get the best of me, I decide to think about the thingsthat I do as any other woman. Things they take for granted but areimmeasurable for a cross dresser. I take a deep breath and inhale thearoma of the Cherry Blossom shampoo. I am Lilavasi. My mother is the Empress' youngest daughter."Aria could tell that Lilavasi could still not see her by the way her eyes did focus on her. She had a thought and decided to ask. "Excuse me for asking, but can you not..." was all she got out before Lilavasi interrupted."No, I cannot see you. I have been mostly blind since I was two and got in an accident." She said all of this while still smiling.Aria gasped at the words and said, "I am sorry."Lilavasi laughed and said, "Why? You did. 10:32 – The crash of train transport occurs. Raymond Marquis finds a mysterious firearm-looking device that will yield him supreme power over the female gender.Chapter 1: Playtime With Vanessa Raymond Marquis, the lead guitarist of the County High band, stood on the sidelines, smoking a cigarette. Throughout the night, he had been eyeing the head cheerleader, Vanessa Woods. Vanessa had recently broken up with star quarterback, Rick Roll, because of his sexual interests, and Raymond was planning. A real smile. Her voice was soft. Better than he’d imagined. Her eyes were blue and she had tiny wrinkles on the end of them when she smiled. She was smiling. At him. ‘Er, hi,’ he said. What else could he say? ‘I’ve gotten off that train every day for the past three weeks wondering what I should say to you,’ she said, ‘but I couldn’t think of anything. And if I did think of anything, I couldn’t do it.’ He nodded. ‘Me….too.’ She took his elbow. He liked that. It felt good. Touching her. Her.

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