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She said how sorry she was for teasing me and asked me to come over to smoke. I sensed more bullshit, and told her no. She pleaded, so I made up an ex...use and said that I was pretty dirty from work. She said to just come by and I could take a shower at her place, and that I still had some clothes over there that I could wear. I reluctantly agreed, but I just didn’t think I could take more teasing.When I arrived, she opened the door and had on a black teddy. She looked so good. She gave me a. She brought it to the bedroom, where I was lying on the bed with nothing but a bedsheet covering me. She insisted on feeding me despite my protests. But this was no normal, granny- grandson affair, we were more like lovers. I kept biting her fingers every now and then and she would pull away in shyness. I started praising her cooking, then her body.I put my hand on her shoulder and gently squeezed her and rubbed it. She felt shy, but came closer, to give me easy access. My hand slowly moved. "But how about some more company?" She ducked her head out in the hallway and nodded and Jamey followed her in. "Now the whole family can fuck together," she said with a satisfied grin on her face.Brad's hard-on bulged and Cindy's face lit up with pleasure at the prospect. Sara and Jamey came nearer, Sara's hand again working at her pussy, and Jamey dropped his shorts and something else with them, revealing his cotton briefs dotted with a wet spot just over his hard dick. Sara moved up behind. “That is our job ain’t it?”“Considering who is involved? Yes,” Grines agrees. “But I got a call this morning from President McKinsey, shortly after the news reports starting pouring out and we’ve been ordered to lay low considering we’re not supposed to even exist.”“You’re kidding right?” Melissa shouts.Grines smiles at her. “Now, hold your horses. I didn’t say we’re going to sit back and watch a bunch of goons run around killing innocent people while we sit back sipping martinis. You guys will.

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