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" Oh, honey. I've had sexual fantasies about all of you except Rachel for years now. What happened between Rachel and me this morning was totally unex...ected. I never even had any fantasies about making love to another woman. Until this morning, girls just ddn't turn me on."Bobby lowered me to my feet as he reached in the shower to adjust the water."Well, Rachel has always been Bi but she hadn't had another girl since she and Jethro became involved in her senior year at college. She's wanted you. Slowly putting the whole length of my cock into him and slowly removing almost the entire length. It felt amazing, I knew I was going to be doing more of this in the future. Just as I started to thrust harder and faster, as I was starting to think about filling Allan with my cum, he pushed me away, flipped over onto his back and grabbed both his knees, displaying his asshole and beautiful cock to me.Unsure which one of these prizes to claim, I first took his cock into my mouth. I licked, spit. Her momentary thought was to get that analyzed as well.Four of the customs crew began to scoop out the sand. They carefully preserved it in black rubber bags to prevent any biological contamination from escaping the worksite. The museum team led by Doctor Mike used what appeared to be ordinary paintbrushes to clean all of the residue from the ornate sarcophagus.The final phase was to hoist the mummy coffin from the crate and tenderly deposit it on the plastic covered warehouse cement floor.For. I was too caught up, not trying to gag to notice, that the something he took from his drawer was, in fact, lube. So, while we sucked each other off, he lubed up his fingers. Then when he slid two fingers into my ass, which caused me to let out an orgasmic moan, which was muffled by the cock filling my mouth. Zane had to stop sucking me because I’d lost control and was moving my hips to the motion of his hand. I arched my back and let out a loud moan, as my ass was gloriously fingered. “Fuck.

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