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Ramon removed his pants, his cock was already fully erected, it’s was big and dark with bulging vines and i wanted to taste it. I hunched over to h...s side and started to suck and lick it - Perrelli was all over my ass, slapping it, then kissing it and swearing “look at dat ass Ramon, what a fine bitch ass.” Ramon laid bit back and moaned as i handled his cock - spitting on it and using both hand to rub it and suck his huge tip, it was hot and warm. Perrelli bend my knees in and raised my ass. He insisted that I learn to let his cock invade my throat. Master’s hands would hold me to his cock, but then in the most gentle, quiet voice he would coach me, “Relax, Suzie. Let yourself just go with the flow, don’t fight it and you’ll be fine. Relax, Suzie. Just relax, little one.” His one hand would rub my throat massaging my tense muscles. I will never forget the first time I trusted him enough not to fight when I started to gag, it was my fourth week. It was just after I’d bathed him and. But I didn't care because I was going to get one of my little perverted fantasies fulfilled. Although she was only about ten foot away from where I had been sitting, the crawl over to her seemed like miles as I felt every fiber of the carpet press into my palms. When I was about two feet away from her I stopped because I was unsure of how close I should get, plus I was also waiting for her to burst out laughing."What's the matter little doggy… are you scared?" she mocked. "Come closer."My heart. She struggled a bit, but it was just for show. My Georgie liked to struggle for show. She liked to feel like she’s a forced into it. It makes her mighty wet, feeling forced.My hands are big enough that I can fit both of her wrists into one of them. It was no problem to hold her with her hands behind the back, bent over all inviting. Her pussy was glistening with her eager juices and I couldn’t stop myself from pullin’ my fingers out ‘en giving ‘em a taste.When I put ‘em back, she tried to grind.

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