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We never spoke of this and after 2 weeks I had though daddy had forgotten, I was watching a rather scary movie and didn't wanna sleep alone, seeing was only me and daddy home at the time because mum was visiting her sick aunt for a few days he was the obvious option. I knocked on dads door and walked in before he got a chance to reply, the sight I saw when I walked in shocked me and caused my nipples to harden and my juices started to flow I could feel my pussy between my legs start to. I wanted to ask you about your house." Yes? I'm Kyle Goodwin. What about my house?" Well... I understand that you are now the only one who lives here and I'm desperately in need of a room to rent by the time the college term begins. I was wondering if you had considered renting any of your vacant space." No, I haven't," I replied. "Why my house?" Well... I don't know if you are aware but the college enrollment has grown by leaps and bounds the last three years and this year is expected to set a. They kissed each other and stroked one another's bodies.Dee groaned as she felt her sister's long, hard clit twitching between her own pussylips. Dee pushed her hands between their bodies and clutched her twin sister's tits, squeezing."Mmm, good," Kim moaned.When Dee finally released Kim's tits, Kim slid down and sucked on Dee's left nipple, feeling the stiffened bud throb."Oh, God, that's great! But you'd better stop now or we'll get going again and we don't wanna leave poor old Leroy out of. In a blur the she was looking down at the floor, then under the chair and saw her legs dangling inches above the floor on the other side. There was a noise. She focussed on it and heard her Mum’s stern tone, “You will never ever be so rude to me again my girl. This has been a long time coming but I can tell you it won’t be the last time I put you across my lap if you ever ever speak to me like that again.” Amber was aware her Mum had been rubbing her bottom as she scolded her, then the warm.

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