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“I’m sorry.” I said sharply. Then softly added, “I really am sorry.”To my surprise she smiled, “Don’t be. Yes it was a shock and yes you...hurt me, but I always knew the first time would hurt. That’s why I wanted an experienced man and I am so glad it was you, I really am.”“How can you say that. I am your father and I raped you.”“Well sort of. You also gave me my first orgasm and it was awesome. And lets face it you didn’t exactly hear me say ‘no’ or ‘stop’ did you?”“That is not the point. I’m. Now Lana’s little bottom rim was tightly clamped around his shaft. Lana was still moaning a little but the worst was over. David pushed in just a little more and he could feel Lana move her bottom around a little trying to become accustom to this new invader.Lana’s bottom was now being filled by something considerably larger than David’s finger or anything else she had ever experienced. He slowly and steadily pressed forward until the full length of his hard throbbing rod was fully inserted. As. " I thought that's what you said. Am I supposed to be a dominatrix orsomething?" Just someone who will lead when we have sex." I responded as I lickedat one of her nipples hanging close to my mouth."Well, I have to think about that. Anyway, I don't think I like theword 'mistress'. I think I like the expression 'my darling' instead. Itshould be 'yes my darling ' and 'no my darling'. It sounds moreromantic doesn't it?" Yes my darling." That's better, because I love you so. Don't you love me?" Oh. ..ME A TEENAGE BOY, WITH THE PICK OF GIRLS MY AGE, WANTING TO BE IN THE COMPANY OF A 57 YEAR OLD WOMAN.???...sounds so very wrong doesn't it.As it happens fate would throw us together again and as I said before, my mother was a carer and used to pop into "dotty's" flat to clean and do basic care for her, things her arthritis wouldn't let her do.Mum said to me that i may need to pick up some washing from one of her old dears as her washing machine had broke down and she had to wait 2 weeks for a.

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