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Make up your mind.”Autumn looked down at the floor before quietly answering.“You’re right, sis. I’m sorry. I’ll do as you say.”“Then tha...’s settled. Do you have any idea how humiliated I was when you made me strip naked with a carrot up my ass in front of Roger? Then when you took it out in front of him and had him watch me getting spanked on my bare ass. Or when I had to endure that little teaching thing you planned to have in front of total strangers. At the same time, Roger took pictures of. Shawnee heard him and couldn’t help but smiling more. ‘Thank you!’ she said feeling her face turning red. ‘I’ll do my best to make it all better,’ she added in a soft voice, hoping she didn’t start crying. She’d seen so many horrible things over the last three years, but this broke her heart. How anyone could hit a guy in a wheelchair and just leave him lying in the street was beyond her. ‘That’d be nice,’ he whispered, watching her dabbing his head with a large piece of gauze. ‘You’re the. I didn't ask what She meant by that.. I knew I'd find out soon enough. Next Mistress had me raise my arms away from my sides, and I shivered at the cool touch of latex yet again. This time, instead of a finished piece of clothing, Mistress simply used a very long strap of the material, winding it around my small chest, over and over. The cold shining strap was wound around and between my perky breasts, gradually tightening, pulling harder and harder against my flesh under it felt like my tits. For those who aren’t familiar with my blog, I wrote about how a couple of years ago Alex outed me as being Aussie Speedo Guy. At the time I thought Alex was straight, he had a long time girlfriend, and I was afraid he would share my secret with my mates. The outcome couldn’t have been more polar to my fears. Alex and I became fuck buddies, Alex broke up with his girlfriend and is now dating Adam and they live together. Alex is completely out to the world and he has kept my secret. His boyfriend.

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