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He rubbed her red ass and pinched it knowing he was hurting her but kept fucking. He groaned to her "You have a nice tight ass. I bet it loves my big ...hick cock. I am going to fuck you till you scream." Then he rammed his cock deep into her as he slapped her ass again and again. He fucked her ass for over an hour before he filled her with his cum.He grabbed her by the hair and jerked her to her knees and pressed her head to his cock. "Now lick my cock clean. Taste your ass over my cock. Lick. "Danni?" she whispered. Avoiding her eyes, I continued massaging herfoot. "Look at me Danni," she softly commanded.Ashamed at what I'd been caught doing, I reluctantly, but obediently,looked up."It's okay," she emphasized. "Really! What kind of man would you be ifyou didn't like to look at a woman there?"I said nothing. I didn't know how to respond. I continued rubbing herfoot as she continued to stroke me with her other foot. My penis wasthrobbing."Would you like to see more Danni?" she. Watching Frank, and enjoying the feel of Mom's mouth on me, I knew that hardness had something to do with sex. But I was soon to learn more."Put your hand on the back of Emma's head, Sandy," Frank said. I complied, without pressure, not understanding the significance."Do you like the way Emma's mouth feels on your cock, Sandy?" he asked. I noticed that he said cock instead of dick but I chose not to mention it. Instead, I smiled and nodded in answer to his question."Pay attention to your Mom,. "Er, um, okay, then, maybe we should get ready to go to the pool? I thought I saw some kids that I know there. We can see what the activities are today."Cynthia looked at Roger and grimaced. "Well, bro, we're here for the experience, right? This is just a challenge, like learning a new judo throw. Ya gotta just jump in and do it, do the steps, and then you've got the moves down. Hmmm?" It figures you'd have a sports way of saying that we need to get with the program, Cyn. Oops, forget that.

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