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I remained non-committal – I didn’t know him from Adam, and politically, I figure my House’s existence is hanging by a thread, and someone else ...�� your House – is holding the scissors. I thought, for a time, he was one of yours, that it was some kind of test.”“For a time?” Margo asked coolly.“Until he reached across the table for a napkin, and I saw a tattoo on his wrist I’m pretty sure I wasn’t meant to see.“14/88.”Margo saw Harry’s eyes widen.“Harry?”“I don’t recognize the ‘14’, but I know. ”“What if they report me?” Amaya asked.Wesley laughed. “You don’t know boys very well. Trust me, getting you in any sort of trouble that stops your behavior is the last thing they would do. What are they doing?”“Just staring. Wait, one of them waved.”“Don’t wave back,” Wesley said. “Just keep talking on the phone like you haven’t seen them. If you wave, then you start an exchange. Are you nervous?”“Is that a question?” she joked. “Yeah, I am.”“Is it turning you on?”Amaya almost didn’t answer. The place smelled like roses and spice, and was tastefully decorated in a New York City dive bar meets upscale European bistro style... it sounds a little bit schizophrenic, but it was actually highly interesting and somehow comforting to me, in a way that few things were. I spent most of my life being worried about something or other, and it wasn't as if that weren't true here as well, but here it was an excited kind of worried... closer to impatiently expectant, perhaps.It was of the utmost. I movedmy right hand round her hips and, flicking up the back of her latexslip, gently inserted my thumb into her hot, wet vagina. In moments thewhole digit was stroking softly inside her and, being very careful withmy longer, painted nails, I pressed my middle finger onto the star ofher bottom and began working it backwards and forwards. Slowly I pushedmy finger deeper inside her until my bondage-ring was pressing at theentrance to her body, while she moaned with pleasure at what I wasdoing.I.

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