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This is my first story which I am going to tell you.Mai stories padh padh ke muthh mara karta tha but mujhe iisse pahele kabhi chodne ka mauka nahi mi...a tha.Mai bata du ki mera lund 5.5″ lamba hai nd 2.5″ mota hai, ye kafi hai kisi ladki ko seduce karne ke liye.Ab me aapka aur time na waste kar ke sidhe story pe aata hu. Bat tab ki hai jab me 12th me tha tab me apne gaun me hi reh ke padhai karta tha.Meri ek bua ki beti,ipsita jo humare sath hi rehati thi apne nanihal me kyuki meri bua delhi me. She was about thirty years old her own self and a little on the dumpy side. She was sloppy dressed in the best of times and usually very unkempt. But to Eddie she was beauty incarnate. When she walked out to the hen house to gather the eggs Eddie watched every movement her fat ass made as she waddled slowly across the yard. He imagined what it would be like to take that thin dress off her and just plain fuck her in the front yard. When she went out to the barn to give the rations of oats to the. He slowly looked down at himself, and would have screamed if hehadn't pretty much already shot his voice to hell.Gone was the athletic college-aged man that had entered the ship. In hisplace was a slim girl with blue skin. His hands trembled as he grippedat the skirt he now wore, before reaching to feel the chin-length hairhe now owned. He tugged a lock into view; blue, just like the rest ofhim."Well, it seems she was an absolute success, my Diamond!" The assistantsmiled up at her. “Thank you SO much for coming to support me. God, I hate this sort of thing.”“Everyone does,” Jess said, “Unless you’re a narcissist. That’s why they make it mandatory for virtually every degree program. Just remember that most everyone else here is in the same boat and just as nervous.”“I know, I know. It still doesn’t help though.” She fidgeted nervously.“I know it doesn’t. It’ll be good for you though. Alright, let’s go inside and find seats,” Jess said.It was the first time I’d been in the.

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