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" They kissed goodbye and Patti jumped on the telephone and set up interviews for the next morning. Everything was happening so fast that the young gi...l's head was spinning. Patti fell in love with her new apartment and grinned when she saw the round bed. She watched cable TV for awhile and then went to bed. The bed was cozy but sleep did not come easy because of her excitement.The next day was long and hard as she interviewed one woman after the other but she felt that she had hired the best. She was a Tamilian. She was so beautiful and her facial expressions were very attractive. I was in love with her instantly. They had a very cute little daughter. They settled there and we also helped them. Annamalai was in field jobs and spend a good time on tours. Vedika used to stay alone in the house.Whenever Annamalai was on tour, she normally not come out and spend time inside her flat only. One evening, she knocked our door. Her daughter was not well. She wanted my help to take her. Getting sprung twice the very first time we try anything sneaky. Obviously we need more practice.’ Helen saw the funny side too and quickly calmed down. ‘But the waitress, I would have thought she’d be upset or angry at our behaviour.’ ‘Obviously not, if anything, she seemed a little bit jealous.’ ‘Jealous?’ ‘I got the impression that if I went back there she would quite like me to show her what I was able to do for you.’ ‘Beast!’ she gasped, at the same time giving me quite a firm clip around. It’s great work! The only thing that’s wrong with it is that it wasn’t professionally printed and bound.“I’d like to change that.”“Huh?” I was dumbfounded. He had spilled his entire sales pitch in what sounded like a single sentence. I needed to process.“I want to publish your photobook,” he repeated. “And, I think it’s good enough that we probably won’t need to make many changes to the way you’ve laid it out.”“That’s great! What does that mean to me financially?”“I’ll have to get with my.

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