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By nature, witches Covens worship nature, and this one operating in Gulfport was no exception to that rule. Colonel Sarah Mackenzie had gone undercove... on one such religious group to investigate charges of sexual misconduct against Chief Petty Offier Merker, also the High Priest of the Wiccan conglomeration that was active in Gulfport. The Wiccan also had a large number of military members as practitioners.To conduct her internal investigation in this matter, Mac would try to infiltrate the. We came under an airtight employment contract. Shila has tried a lot to fill all staff with her sex toys. Many efficient employees have already left.P: Is she really as horrible as they say?R: She’s the devil. I organized the old staff to keep our jobs, and she resents me for it. So to keep me away from the resort, she ‘promoted’ me from head supervisor to her personal assistant. I hate the job, but I can’t leave, or the loyal staff won’t have any security.P: I did hear she likes to fuck around. And so we wore kurti and leggings. The only rule was no tearing of clothes was allowed.It started with boys v/s girls as usual. We target a particular person and drench him or her in colors. In the process, after two girls and one boy, I was the next target. Three of them were completely drenched in colors.When they started coloring me, I felt hands on my boobs and vagina. By the end of it, they had pulled down my lower. I surprisingly let it go. I was playing like that, just in panty and top.I. During a moment of desperation, she phoned a clinic to see if she could find a sperm donor, but owing to a new law about donors losing their rights to anonymity, finding a donor was becoming difficult. Pride made her hang up before she pursued it any further. She was plain, but she certainly wasn't ugly. There must be a guy out there somewhere, she thought.She could feel that her bodyclock wasn't going to slow down because of this problem...Leanne first noticed the stranger on the night he.

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