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Rekha was almost lying on the sofa so Vikram suggests her to go and lie down on any of the treatment rooms as no one else is there.Rekha stood up and ...lmost tripped, I was standing near her, so I gave her support and we walked towards the last room. She said “I need to use the washroom first”, I took her to the ladies room. She said, “Please come inside or I might fall”. I went inside, there is another door to open and enter the toilet.I supported her to the toilet and stood outside. In a few. I had hardly taken ten to fifteen steps when I saw the same car come near me and stop, the guy lowered down his window and asked me where I was going. I told him that I was going to Royapuram. He offered me lift saying that he too was passing that way and can drop me in the way. I thought for a while, and said to myself that a female is sitting with him, he wouldn’t do anything and opened the back door and sat in. The guy’s name was Ramesh, and he then introduced me to his wife Meenakshi. I. I laid her on the bed and started kissing again. She closed her eyes as my lips parted and engulfed hers and my hands rested on her hips. We were kissing all the way, playing tongue-of-war in our mouths. Reena bent down and licked, kissed and sucked my erect cock feeling the sweetness of my precum. Her hands grabbed my ass from behind in tight embrace. Reena lifted her head and looked at me with a smile then back to my rod.While she was sucking on my cock i took her in a 69 position. I held her. We went in and i told her i would get the drinks and she should get us a table so thats what we did. as soon as i sat down she started crying again so i went and sat next to her and put my arm around her and she put her head on my shoulder when she clamed down a little i asked her what had upset her so much, she said that tommy had been cheating on her then last night he left her she told me she hadnt slept all night. i huged her as she started to cry i thought i would try to cheer her.

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