Destroying Her Ass (4K)

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Mary said, “Okay, I am assuming you will want to open both a checking and savings account, is that correct, John? Good, that’s the way I filled forms out. Here is a starter set of checks to give you something to work from until we can get some others ordered for you. We’ll look at options for that in just a minute. Here is a Master Card in your name. It is a secured card for $10,000 against your savings. That means that you will need to keep a minimum of that amount in your savings. My eyes drifted to their groins. Both penises were erect – perhaps Steve wasn’t as shy as he made out – and were quite similar. Steve had perhaps a little extra length and girth but not a lot. I sniggered to myself as I wondered if Jim’s had been worn away a little by his experiences. Just looking at their two bodies and penises was increasing my arousal. I suddenly realised that one of my hands was absentmindedly touching and playing with my own breast. I hadn’t been aware of moving my hand. I walked over to the bar next to the pool and the bartender was gone. Well I am sure he was here, he was just not behind the bar, I am sure he is one of the many naked men around there. I went behind the bar and grabbed a can of Club Soda, I poured it in a glass of Ice and just stood there looking every where at what was going on. The dogs were at it again with a couple different women, I looked at the clock and it was late, I felt I better find Richard and get out of here, I felt as if I had. Mandy felt genuine affection and caring from a man for the first time in her life and she loved it. She would greet me at the door with a big hug, smashing those sweater cows into my chest. I would hug her back and innocently let the fingers of my hand go too low and caress her ass for just a moment or two. She never thought a thing of it and the memory of the feel of her body kept me hard enough to continue fucking her mother. On movie nights Jaime and Mandy would snuggle up to me. Thankfully.

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