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."She shook her head and caught my hand and pulled it to her breast, "No. Will you take me now?"I realized that she meant for me to have sex with her....The voices were still outside the cavern, but faint, and I finally relaxed and looked at her. I glanced at the bed before I lowered my rifle and reached out to undress her. It was crazy but one look at her and I knew I would do what she wanted. She lay on the bed as I set the rifle to one side and stripped.I moved onto the bed over her and gave. The head of theoffice ordered all of his lessors out of the office. They fixed their clothesand complained a bit, quietly, but filed out the door. He waited until they hadall left to continue.The boss held theshorter assistant's nipple and pulled it out, then used his other hand to holdsomething next to it. It was a safety pin. He whispered something to her again,and again she nodded, though her smile was a bit smaller. She held her chest asstill as she could while still humping her ass on his. Dr. Day said "Yeah, it was normal. I'm almost done here" She continued her examination down the shaft until she was actually squeezing the part of it that is kind of inside the top of the scrotum. About the time she was doing that I felt like I was going to cum. I thought "damn, not now in front of the doctor, nurse, and my mother" but as usual, the penis has a mind of its own and it damn sure wasn't listening to me.I felt my penis pulsate and throb under Dr. Day's fingertips and my scrotum. In fact, it started just as he got fully into me, before he even had a chance to move around. I held John still with my legs, arms, and mouth, and made him kiss me through my climax. It ended as smoothly as it had begun, and I was left glowing with pleasure and love. He had hardly entered me when that one hit. Wow, I guess I was really ready for an orgasm! I think I start building up to it before Herman even gets inside me. Then when he does, POW! I don't think I've ever had one quite like.

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