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00 baje main traditional dress pahen kar main jyoti ko lene pahoch gaya. Wo taiyaar thi lekin ander thi. Mama mami taiyar hoker bahar nikal rahe the mama ne kaha “ arun tum baitho jyoti abhi ayegi phir tum dono arti me aa jana hum log arti me ja rahe hai.” Main hall me jaker betha. Thodi der baad jyoti ayi. Main use dekhta hi rahe gaya. Ghaghra choli me itni sexy lag rahi thi . Usne ghaghra aise pahena tha uski nevel ekdam bich me saaf dikhayi de rahi thi. Chunri transparent thi ki low cut. When they hit the door, it was just too late. The guards were staring at full automatic weapons and handgenrades. The girls were going to kill a bunch of people if one wrong move was made. It had been the experience of all the agencies that these girls would kill with absolutely no hesitation. It was 4 pm on a Friday. The bank robbery was about to go. Reggie was sitting in a caf? across the street of the bank, drinking her favorite beverage, coffee, and just chilling when all alarms in her. My near constant erection had taken on a vigor beyond anything I had experienced. It felt like my cock was literally made of steel. It was at times painful, and as I waited in the security screening line it showed no signs of relaxing. Of course it didn’t help that all I could think was in a few short hours I would be less than hour’s drive from Laurie, the hottest, nastiest, horniest, sex freak I had the pleasure of knowing and who seemed to want nothing more than to spend the weekend with. ” It took a while for it to sink in. Susie had arranged for us to be alone for a few hours. I turned to Susie and said, “Thank you.” I turned back to Julia, kissed her on the cheek and whispered, “Thank you.” Julia smiled and said, “You’re welcome.” She stood up. “Come on John, let’s leave these two love birds alone.” John got up and followed Julia upstairs. Susie stood up, took my hand, and said, “Let’s go.” I got up and followed Susie downstairs into the basement. Susie locked the door and we.

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