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I gently sucked on the head loving the way it felt in my mouth when I felt him push down forcing more in past my lips. Inch by inch the snake made its...way down my throat until I had taken it all. As I began to slowly fuck his cock with my throat he slid his hand between my legs and into my panties moving his fingers to my hole. He managed to get one finger in and then two, and by the time I realized we had stopped he had a third finger inside of me while I bobbed my head on his massive dick.. ” She gave her a lopsided grin. “But I won’t belabour the point, mainly because it might get me punished.”“Might? I think we’re well beyond ‘might‘.”“Yes, Mistress. Whatever you say, Mistress.”Gretchen wrapped an arm around Nina’s waist and pulled her in closer. She moved the arm down until her hand was cupped around one side of Nina’s rear. She gave the cheek a hard pinch, making Nina flinch.“Ow, that hurt!”“Consider yourself punished.” Gretchen gave her a wink and a sly grin. “Unless, that. I had a fleeting moment of sadness and regret at what I had done, and really hoped that my semi-relationship with Danielle could manage to continue. That train of thought was quickly broken by the pleasure I was feeling surrounding by Danielle’s ass. I watched as some of my cock disappeared with each thrust and the sight turned me on. “I don’t think she’s going anywhere at this point,” Ashley said, and finally released Danielle’s leg. She wouldn’t have much room to work with two people firmly. The girls ran off, leaving the clean up to me, I'm glad they did, my hard on was back and I was afraid to get up from the table!Just then the phone rang, "I got it" my sister screamed from the top of the stairs,As I was cleaning everything up, Cindy stomped down the stairs, and out the front door. I was puzzled, not sure what happened"What the fuck was that all about?" I yelled upsairs,"Her mother got her a babysitting job & forgot to tell her, she would have stayed & blew it off, but she'd.

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