Desi Girlfriend’s Hot Sex With Lover’s Roommate

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  • 10:32
  • 4 years ago

This hot Bangalore girl comes to her lover’s place to work there. So, she had brought her laptop along with her. But he had left the home already and it seems as if it would take time for him to return. Meanwhile, his roommate talks to her and slowly they feel horny enough for the sex. Now, he wanted to have sex with her and she thinks of the same thing.
She comes to the living room and takes off her clothes. But she covers herself with the blanket. When her friend removes his trousers in front of her, she strokes the dick and then sucks it. After that, she lies on the sofa and he comes on top to have hot sex. He also bangs her butt after that. When they hear the doorbell, he rushes inside to wear his clothes and she too gets dressed and pretends as if she had been working on the laptop all the while.

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