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"What did she say?" She told me that she understood we'd be together - for training and maybe other times," I said calmly. "I expected her to have res...rvations and restrictions but she didn't. After you saved my life, she said they were gone. She did ask me to promise that if it started coming between her and me it had to stop. I can work with that, can you?"Trish's eyes twinkled and she nodded. "I found out last night that I liked women more than I expected, but I like men better. I'd never. Mai bhi maa ke piche ghute per bait gaya..Maa boli.. “ Aap, kya soch rehe ho?” mai maa kegand per hath ghuma raha tha..use sehala raha taha our bola “ Pushpa, aj meri teri gand maruga”…Maa ne bola “ Haji…lakin thoda dhirese ..nahi to app ke badi tawalr se meri gand fat gayagi”maine maa ka niche ka towel upper kya, mera lund nikala our maa ke gand ke hol per rakh ker jhatka dene laga..lakine wo nahi jar aha tah.. maa ne bola. “aji , ap tel lagao our fir karo” mai niche ke room me gaya our tel le. As our rooms were on opposite sides of the house we tended to move between the two rooms to see the alternative views. Okay I admit that I was tempted at times to let my telescope drift a little bit below the plane of the horizon, not that I saw much, but it was not a regular thing and I soon turned the thing back towards the sky, Carol on the other hand seemed to spend as much time gazing into windows as she did gazing at the stars.One evening I went up to my room at about eight to do a little. I finally made it to a gravel road we then pushed the back seats down as we then had a flat surface to fuck on. Since neither one of us had lotion or lube I had to lick his asshole out. As I then had him lay his back and put legs up I then slid my tongue straight in to his asshole he gave a little jump then moaned a little when ever I stuck a finger in. But as I keep slurping away in my puddle of siliva I couldn't help but notice how amazing it taste. I was finally done and my 9in cock was.

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