Desi Girl Enjoys A Quick Outdoor Fuck From Her Boyfriend

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All thoughts of turning around were gone now. I unbuckled my pants and unleashed my prick, fully erect and throbbing with desire. Reaching down, I lif...ed her legs and spread them, moving between her thighs. The tip of my dick rest on her clit. I flexed my muscles to make it bounce. She moaned and quivered, the gooseflesh returning. I pulled down her to to expose her breasts. I knelt down and sucked each nipple, kneading thwm between my teeth. She rithed beneath me, her pussy wetting my dick’s. I said, "I've heard that you are pretty successful at getting the goods on cheating spouses."He said, "I do okay. Why, you want me to follow someone?" No. I'm just curious about how you do it. Do you just follow someone around until you catch them in the act?" That's part of it but often I have to be more aggressive." What do you mean?" This is just between you and me, right?" Yes. I won't say a word." Well, some times I do some covert stuff, like break into houses or apartments to look for. “Guess what, big brother? Tiffany is coming home for a visit after all these years.”Secretly, down inside, I knew my sister still harbored a female to female love for Tiffany and I thought that was not needed at this time of turbulence in our lives. She had pretty well licked her rug munching tendencies and all we needed was a reversal of that involved process that had her fixated on dick and not other pretty girls.I think that was the main reason why she kept me from seeking Tiffany’s sweet. "Now I know how badly you've been wanting this promotion. The thing I wonder though, is just how badly do you want it?" He ponders."Well I- I- I do want it badly, sir. I'd do just about anything to get it." I answer him."Really? Would you be willing to do something many might consider... Naughty?" He continues to wonder.I nervously swallow. I scratch my forearm. My heart continues to pound hard inside my chest."Maybe..." I finally spit out my answer. I watch as he moves a hand down below his.

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