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Our clothing had disappeared as soon as the shuttle hatch closed.We were both gasping for breath after our third non-stop coupling. I couldn’t belie...e that I remained hard after coming twice, but I sure wasn’t complaining.“What happened, you look so much younger?” she asked when she finally caught her breath.“Do your people use nanites, or nanobots?” I asked.“Of course, doesn’t everyone?” she replied.“Terrans aren’t that advanced, yet,” I explained.“Then, how did you get them?” she asked.“From. I had no hesitation in reaching my hand out for the collar. He took the collar from the box and fastened it around my neck. He leaned in and kissed my neck, biting my ears, as I leant my head back letting a large groan escape. He pulled back, looked at me and for the first time I really took HIM in, its strange but with my collar now firmly in place, HE was even more intimidating than I first thought. Now we have a few issues to deal with before we leave. HE ran his hand over my ass. I winced. I was nearly to orgasm when I heard the door slam. I looked up to see one of our friends, Austin, laughing at us. Nathan, also startled by the sound, got off of his knees and we both scrambled to put our clothes on. ‘I didn’t know this was the project you were inviting me over to work on’ Austin said with a laugh. ‘I can explain, just don’t tell anyone’ Nathan said. I didn’t know how he was going to explain that, I was just trying to get out of the situation. They continued to talk as I got. I looked at her and she must have sensed what I was feeling for she said, “You are very beautiful lady!”I think my whole body blushed and I smiled and lowered my head shyly. Her accent made my knees weak. She placed her hand under my chin and raised my head. Looking briefly into my eyes, first one then the other and back she kissed me again. I could hear my heart pounding in my ears as I greedily accepted her probing tongue.I felt her fingers release the hooks of my bra and I let it fall to the.

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