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Then finally when I was going through his profile I read a status message saying: Off to Dubai for one month on a business trip! Yesssss! The devil si...e in me started working and I was already masturbating imagining a story that I knew will never happen of me fucking Preetall! Anyways I never let go off my hopes. On one fine weekend what I did was I went near her area and gave her a call saying I’m near her house and can meet her husband and her today! I said I am in the same cross she told her. " "Great!" answered his pal, "what could be better than beer, chick fingers, and some cunt to abuse. I assume we'll be fucking her to." "No fucking her cunt," replied Master, she was a bad dog and doesn't deserve a cock in her pussy, but her ass is available. In fact, I just fucked that ass about an hour ago so it's about time to use it again." "Fuck yeah, I could get into that ass, but first I think I whip her a bit to get myself in the mood," answered the mystery man. Whack, whack, whack.. She lay back with her eyes closed, and started to moan a little more. I kept my fingers working.After a while, in the middle of the moans, she was whispering “I’m still not having sex with you, I’m still not having sex with you”. I just grinned at her.I dialed the kissing up a notch and started to really rub her through her bikini. I could feel the definition of her lips through the suit. I kissed my way down her chest until I reached her bikini top, it was one of those one-piece strapless. You?’ Her smile widened, showing her beautiful white and perfectly straight teeth. ‘The blue F-250.’ His pickup was a bit of a junker. His dad had a ranch outside of Weatherford and he often helped out on weekends. The work was rough on a pickup. He walked her to her car. Her bright yellow sports coup was beautiful and immaculately kept. When he opened her car door for her, she brushed close to him, sliding into the low seat. ‘It’s not far’ he said still admiring her gorgeous body. ‘I can keep.

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