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After a good few hour drinking we decided to hit one of the clubs . In thre it didnt take me long to see a nice girl that i quite fancied and thought ... would be able to fuck well after all the usual stuff we ended up outside the club after it but she was not playing ball she was kissing me me and all sorts but she would not come back to the flat with me saying she didnt fuck on the first night (who does that this day and age lol ) but she was a nice girl and i did want to see her again . Anyway. "You have always been confused little brat. I'm gonna teach you a lesson. Honey get the cuffs." mom commanded. He handed her some fuzzy pink handcuffs. "Alright now I get to have some fun with our little fucktoy of a son" mom declared gleefully. She cuffed my hands behind my back and had me lay down in bed on my back. She proceeded to rub my cock. "Well well well look what mommy gets to play with. I bet you think of mommy often don't you?" She questioned. "Yes" I replied. "Oh really? I always. I placed it over my front, and looked again. It worked, I was covered to all but the longest look. I figured people wouldn't be staring at my fanny pack anyway.Putting my money in the pack, I ventured outdoors. I felt like the whole world was waiting for me to make an appearance and mess up. I'm by nature a shy girl, but the occasional adventure like this is okay. I still had butterflies in my stomach though.The walk to the drug store was uneventful, other than a couple of honks in my. I would continue to play and tease her pussy with one hand as I slowly fingered her ass at the same time with the other.As I played with both of her holes, I would gently be applying soft kisses all over her cheeks. Maybe nipping at her once in a while. I would slowly work my way around her cheeks until I removed my fingers from her ass and replacing them with my tongue. I would run it over her opening, teasing her before pushing the tip into the opening provoking a louder moan from her.All the.

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