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”“I didn’t see anyone looking.”“I did.” Celeste replied.“Oh well, at least they got a look even if I didn’t get the pleasure of seeing...them looking.”I got off the pedestal and went to my phone on the sales counter and called James.As I ended the call Celeste gave me a piece of paper and said,“That’s the address for tomorrow night Georgia. You will be there won’t you?”“Definitely; Oh, is it alright if I bring one of my friends and my driver with me?”“A girl friend? Would she like to join in the. Men love when a wife is pregnant and then fills with milk. They love to nurse as a baby. The tits are bigger and loaded with the sweet nectar. She can nurse her man as she nurses her baby. Even when the baby is weaned the man never is. As long as he sucks she will remain full of milk.A good wife never wears a bra. The tits should be available at all times to suck or even caress. He can unbutton or lift her shirt and latch on to a nipple. If there are no k**s around she should just leave her top. I looked down at her."Are you satisfied?" I asked."Awww," she moaned, "It's adorable!" It's adorable??" Yeah it is!" she said, still looking at it, "Who knew my brother had such an adorable penis." Haha," I laughed, "Alright, well you had your fun. Time to put the penis away." Awww," she frowned up at me, "Can't I hold it?" Absolutely not." I said."Why, are you afraid you're gonna get a boner?" No," I said, "It's just super weird for girls to be holding their brother's dicks, that's why.". When she came to Hayley's table, Jeff said, "Your breasts, definitely, but I want her to do it."Hayley had never touched a woman's breasts before, but now felt what they felt like in her hands without feeling the sensation through her own breasts. While she didn't mind it, she noticed how the woman was breathing heavily, not in a dazed state, but very excited about all the attention given her and obviously needing to be fucked. The lady's husband approached Jeff with nipple clamps, and asked.

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