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I just want you to be happy." Well, there certainly isn't any other man I'd want to be with," she laughed again. "And I do want children some day so y...u may be pressed into stud service sometime in the future, but I'm not interested in any kind of commitment right now." The sacrifices a brother has to make," Nil sighed dramatically. "But you have to take that up with the real bosses around here, not me." Oh, I will, when the time is right," she smirked and then turned serious and looked him in. What happened?" Reilly managed to ask.Molly whispered into his ear, "We don't know, it looks like there was an attack by someone." She said.Reilly drew in a breath, "Th... that brother?" He managed to ask.Molly shook her head, "Don't think so, he was hit as well, but he did have an inactive nanite that was helping him... now it's helping you and the others." She said."Tro... Trojan horse?" He said.Molly didn't understand what he meant, "Milly? What is a Trojan Horse?" She asked.Milly had to. .. feel yourself here," and he began to finger her sodden pussy."Uh... yeah... sometimes. Is that what... like... did I make you get that hot feeling, like I do?" Yes, Coleen... that hot feeling is called cumming. Do you want me to make you cum?" Yeah... I'd like that." And she tilted her shapely hips, pushing her soft, wet nest against his hand. "Will I do that too? You know. Shoot stuff outa me? Like, when I'm older? Like, when I come?" I don't think so, Coleen. It's just guys that do that.". Now the next day I reached office at 10 and before going to office I asked Monti to be on time as the interview was supposed to start from11. She confirmed that she will reach on time. Nearly 60 candidates applied for that post. Now the interview started. In No32 it was my darling Monti’s turn. She was looking hottest in the dark blue saree. I started acting as if I don’t know her so that anyone knows. And started asking questions. She cracked it perfectly and Directors also got impressed by.

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